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Best value sunbeds near you in The Tanning Shop Dundrum. The latest stand-up sunbed tanning and lay-down tanning beds in Ireland
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Dundrum Address

Rockfield, Balally Luas station,
Dundrum, Dublin 16 D16 DW27

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Opening Times

09:00 – 22:00 Mon – Fri
09:00 – 19:00 Sat
11:00 – 17:00 Sun

The Tanning Shop Dundrum, Dublin

Rockfield, Balally Luas station, Dundrum, Dublin 16 D16 DW27

01 2966842

Dundrum Tanning Pricing

Tan at Dundrum from only €1.10 per minute based on Sunrise 488 Stand up.


The Ergoline Sunrise 488 features 48 dynamic tanning lamps.

A tanning session on the Sunrise 488 is now also a fitness session at the same time. Vibra Shape allows customers to train their physical fitness as they tan without even breaking into a sweat. The rhythmic vibrations of the Vibra Shape plate have numerous positive effects on health: They promote muscle generation, energise fat reduction and improve physical mobility and coordination.

The improved supply of nutrients to the skin also enhances the tanning effect.


Relax, refresh and rejuvenate with the Ergoline Prestige. Enjoy optimal performance and ease of use.

Enclose yourself in the refreshing “Climatronic Plus” ambience of the Ergoline Prestige while luxuriating in the calming and comfortable environment created by the Aqua Fresh and Aroma functions.

Prepare to relax to your own music and enjoy the 3D sound system.


Touch-screen technology is everywhere, and now, even operating your sunbed is easier!

Every outstanding feature of the 8000 alpha HybridST can be controlled with a simple touch, just as easily as your smartphone or tablet.

The strength of the new 8000 alpha HybridST is cutting-edge technology. From the innovative “intellisun” system to intelligent pre-selection controls, the KBL8000 is designed to provide a complete tanning solution for even the most experienced of tanners.


The Ergoline Sun Angel controls the interaction between UVA & UVB light.

Designed to provide an optimal tanning environment while significantly reducing the risk of over-exposure, the Sun Angel is in a class of it’s own.

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Tanning Shop Dundrum
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Tanning Shop Dundrum

You must be over 18 to use a sunbed at The Tanning Shop Ireland. Persons under 18 years will not be allowed to use, hire or purchase sunbeds at The Tanning Shop Ireland
You must be over 18 to use a sunbed.
Persons under 18 years will not be allowed to use, hire or purchase sunbeds.

Sunbed use increases the risk of skin and eye cancer.

Australian Gold available at The Tanning Shop
The Australian Gold range of tanning lotions deliver high-levels of bronzing, exotic Australian ingredients and nourishing oils with unique formulations for the darkest tan and healthiest skin. Available at your local Tanning Shop Ireland.

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