Ergoline Sun Angel

Sensor tanning technology available from the Tanning Shop

The Ergoline Sun Angel stimulates the tanning by controlling the interaction between UVa and UVb light, harnessing the components that are most effective in promoting the tanning process.

The UV spectrum of the Sun Angel is as unique as the individual using it due to its innovative sensor technology.

Designed to provide an optimal tanning environment while significantly reducing the risk of over-exposure, the Ergoline Sun Angel is in a class of its own.

That’s not all! With the Sun Angel you also get the following amazing features:

  • Neck and shoulder tanners for all-over colour
  • Client controlled facial tanners
  • Air-conditioned.
  • An exceptional 3D sound experience complete with Subwoofer. Connect your iPod or MP3 player and relax to your favourite beats
  • Relax on an ergonomically designed base acrylic
  • Voice assisted every step of the way, what could be easier?