Optimise your tanning results responsibly | The Tanning Shop Ireland

The first official day of summer is on the horizon and with the weather heating up this week we wanted to share with you our top tips to optimise your tan responsibly this summer!

Session Length

To build your glow it’s important to gradually build your minutes up over time. This allows your skin to get used to the UV rays and will reduce the risk of over-exposure. Slow and steady wins the race, right?

Frequency Of Sessions

The frequency of your sessions all comes down to your skin type and your tanning preferences (whether you are building or maintaining your tan). Our policy states that no more than one session can be used in any 24-hour period. This is because the full tanning process can take up to 24-hours, so leaving a minimum of that time between sessions reduces the risk of over-exposure and maximises your tanning potential. When building your base tan, it is important to not leave more than 72 hours between your sunbed sessions. Your skin rejuvenates every 3 days so any progress made may be lost, it’s a good idea to try to plan your sunbeds within 3 days of each other to boost your tanning progress

Look after your skin

Moisturise – It’s essential to take care of your skin. Keeping your skin moisturised maintains your skin’s hydration levels. Dehydrated skin will start to feel dry and can look tired, dry skin can affect your tanning journey as it can reflect the UV rays!

Hydration – It’s important to keep your skin hydrated from the inside out! Drinking plenty of water can help restore hydration to your skin. We always advise to drink water pre and post sunbed session.

Exfoliation – Make sure that you exfoliate your skin on a regular basis, this helps to remove any dry and dead skin cells. This allows UV rays to be soaked up by your fresh and hydrated skin.

3 Step to optimise your tan

Boost your tanning results with the Tanning Shop’s favourite trio! Grab a Tanning Shot pre tanning session, use a UV specific lotion during your session and boost your results by using a Tan Extender between sessions!

We always advise to use a UV Specific lotion during your sunbed session. The lotions are packed with ingredients that not only help enhance your tanning results but also help to nourish and hydrate your skin! Not sure there is a lotion for you? Don’t worry, we have a huge range of lotions, there is a lotion for every skin type and tanning preference!

Tanning Shots – Begin within! Our juicy, zesty orange flavoured drink is designed to not only boost tanning results but will improve skin condition over time! The drink is packed with essential vitamins and tan-enhancing ingredients! The Beta Cartotene is a natural colour booster that will help enhance your natural colour for deeper darker results!

Lotions – UV specific lotions can help enhance tanning results by up to 50%!* There are range of lotions available to purchase in store, Accelerators, Intensifiers & Bronzers, a lotion to suit everyone! Accelerators are advised for those who are just starting out their tanning journey, this will help enhance your tanning results. Intensifiers are advised for those looking to take their base tan to the next level. Finally bronzers for those who are more experienced with tanning and looking to take their shade to the next level!

Tan Extenders – Using a tan extender between tanning sessions ensures your skin is hydrated between your sunbeds for maximum tanning results! The tan extenders will not only keep your skin hydrated but this will help you achieve a deeper longer lasting tan! Not to mention the lovely fragrance, leaving you smelling fresh!

Our words of warning

Always err on the side of caution when increasing your minutes. Slow and steady gets the best results.Build your frequency slowly, always leave 24 hours between sessions. To build and maintain your tan do not leave more than 72 hours between session. Make sure your skin is moisturised as dry skin deflects UV rays

We strongly advise you do not sunbathe before or after using a sunbed as this could cause your skin to burn. Using a sunbed means you can control your expose to UV with the number of minutes and bed type. Sunbathing while tanning on a sunbed means you could become overexposed and are at more risk of skin damage