The Team

The Tanning Shop have a range of fully trained expert staff on board to help you with your very tanning need.

Knowledgeable, certified staff members that attend to every detail of your tan

Our staff are fully trained to the highest standards in choosing the right tanning and skin care products for you. This also includes matching exposure times to suit your individual skin type. We offer a full line of California TanI Range and Mystic Tan tanning and skin care products.

UV tanning or sunless spray tanning The Tanning team are here to help

Nobody knows more about sunless tanning than The Tanning Shop and we are the original pioneers in salon tanning. We’ll teach you the particulars of tanning, and all about skin care. At The Tanning Shop, certified employees will teach you how your skin type reacts to sunlight, and how to tan in a controlled environment. Staff match the correct exposure times and products to suit your individual skin type and subsequently, how to avoid over-exposure.

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